In my teaching, I balance two complementary objectives for the growth and success of students: to provide them with a solid foundation on which to develop their own goals and aspirations and to broaden their perspectives by introducing them to new ways of viewing the world. Drawing on my own experiences and immigrant background, the world plays a central role in the way that I teach. While this can take many forms throughout the semester, I often focus on contexts outside of the U.S. to foster an awareness of the rich social, cultural, and linguistic diversity just outside of our own borders. This has a considerable impact on students. By first discussing and analyzing social trends in unfamiliar settings, many students are then able think more deeply about their own social context, how it emerged historically, and the way they navigate it today. Overall, my approach attempts to foster intellectual curiosity and encourage more critical thinking.

I have taught core courses in sociology while infusing the study of society with a comparative perspective. Among the courses I have taught are: Sociological Theory, Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Global Society, and Political Sociology. I have also served as a Teaching Assistant for a number of classes both in linguistics and sociology.

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